Document File Sharing

Document Sharing Sites

What Are Document Sharing Sites?

Document Sharing Sites are places for you to upload your documents and share them with the entire world!  Whether you are an Artist or an Online Marketer. You Need Exposure for your products or your services.

These sites are active communities with members who regularly search for Quality eBooks and Documents. Each site has it’s own niche.  Researching what niches are “Hot” and writing pertinent information on these niches, is Key to a Successful Climb in Google’s Ranking.

Document Sharing sites get the attention of the Huge Search Engines.. Getting your ranking at the Top of Google is no longer a challenge.  You just have to use the correct media to make this happen.  These sites play a huge role in making that happen.

They also allow you to add links throughout your article. Some writers get close to 90% of their articles showing on the First Page of Google. That is an Awesome percentage.

Optimizing Your Document:

This is where you will be making choices that lead to your ranking status with Google. You will be creating links, bookmarking; optimizing your Document. These steps will play a strong part in setting your ranking with Google on a high scale and whether you will bring Quality Traffic to Your Articles and or Documents.

Add Your Descriptions:

Document Sharing sites have an area where you can post a description of your articles.  Take your time filling this out. This will serve as a part of your article! This is the First thing a viewer will see. So if you want them to read  – Entice Them!  Get their interest!  I would not go over 150 – 200 words and include your LSI Keywords.  (similarities between words and/or phrases in relation to a topic).  Words that relate to your main Keyword.

The first paragraph of your original article can be used in this section, if it’s catchy – then  grab some keywords! This will help with your Search Engine Ranking also.  When publishing, be sure to check “Public” under “Privacy” options. You want everyone to read your valuable information.

Tomorrow, I will pickup with giving your article a killer title and loading your documents into Document Sharing Sites. I will, also, list some really good sites worth looking into.

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