Document Sharing: Tips to Attract Search Engines

In an earlier posting, we talked about what Document Sharing Sites are, Optimizing your document and adding a description.  This posting we’ll go over getting a great title, great search engine content and loading your documents.

The Title is Crucial!

Make sure the keyword or phrase you want ranked is included in your title.   Place your Title at the top of the the document – use a slightly larger font.  If you need to research Keywords, go to Google Keyword Search.  A Great tool you might want to look into is Micro Niche Finder! I’m not always the greatest at finding those perfect keywords and Micro Niche Finder is a valuable tool for getting great keywords! Whatever avenue you choose, you must have engine attracting keywords.

Content Creation:

Search engines love content.  In fact, they can’t get enough! Adding more relevant content about your business, your products or providing valuable information is key. Not only will adding valuable content increase your rankings, it will also make you look like authority figure to your readers.

Proper Formatting:

Search engines have specific formatting rules to help search engine spiders (the robots that visit your page and assign it a value) read information. Some vital points to remember are titling, text link anchor text, and link positioning.

Loading Your Document:

Loading documents is extremely easy!  Each site might have a slightly different way of doing it.  Just follow the instructions on the site – many take you step by step to get your document  up and running.  Most sites give you the option to add tags! You should add a lot of tags to get your document noticed by the search engines and draw viewers to you document!  Viewers type in search words!

Submit as many articles/documents as you wish.  Keep one thing in mind – Make Sure they are Quality!  Do not just throw on a bunch of articles for quantity!  No one wants to read junk.

SEO and Content:

Search engines prefer fresh content that comes from fresh articles. Cleaning up, revamping an existing article can increase your ranking, but new content is absolutely necessary if you want to continue to rank higher. Ask yourself what part your articles play in your overall business plan.  Do you use articles to generate leads, online purchasing or to provide information? An SEO strategy can significantly increase your leads. Remember that no two documents are the same, and a customized SEO plan will produce the best results.

I hope you have found this posting informative and helpful.  My next posting will cover where to find good Document Sharing Sites and go into some tips for SEO.

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