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Using Facebook Marketing For Traffic

There is nothing like 2 conglomerates going at each other in public, using media no less as their battleground. And yet this is what we have when Google and Facebook’s relationship has declined so much that it is now a confrontational and volatile situation. At stake are billions of dollars of advertising revenue for the winner.

With Google being the incumbent and Facebook the fast rising challenger, it looks like a duel that will keep many fascinated and interested mainly because it affects a large section of the population. With over 500 million accounts registered, Facebook has 1 in 7 people on this earth with an account with them however Google generates over 16 times the income that Facebook does. Whilst this is not a winner-take-all battle, Google is publicly annoyed with Facebook’s growing dominance, which indicates that future revenue could be eroded by the emergence of Facebook.

My view is that Google needs to make an example of Facebook if possible, as new ventures and ideas will continue to be developed and will eventually affect Google in a major way.

But as Facebook continues on its merry way by attracting high quality workers, providing better working environments for its employees, it maintains a stranglehold on news headlines which in turn continues to grow its popularity.

Part of its attraction is the interaction that it provides to its users. The ability for programmers to develop applications like on Apple products to help generate revenue for the individual means that it is more open to change. Google currently does not such a service effectively operating only a search engine albeit an excellent one.

Additionally, Facebook created fan pages which has helped them grow and maintain interest in the website. Fan pages allows users to demonstrate their support for a common aspect whether it be a brand or something as innocuous as a saying. However businesses are beginning to take note as they realize that they can create an additional revenue stream by developing their fan base.

The faster the number of “likes” your page is getting the greater chance for increased revenue for the business. Thus the incentive to get Facebook fans is growing rapidly. A relatively new concept is to buy Facebook fans. Whilst it does seem a little crude, it is an effective way to increase the popularity of your fan page. As soon as you have a substantial number of Facebook fans you can then begin to market in innovative ways to the loyal fan base. Also the popularity of your page will then have cascading effects with friends of the fans noticing that they are fans of your page which potentially will give you more fans.

Bulklikes.com is a business that provides such a service offering bulk Facebook fan packages for a valued price. This helps to remove the time consuming and often tedious task of gaining fans and allows the company to focus on core business that will generate the most revenue.

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  2. Ellen Thorp says:

    Thank you so much for this posting! You are so right that both Google and Facebook are two very powerful entities that seem to be battling, when in fact, they should find one can help the other.

    Thank you for posting this. Have a great day


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