Document Sharing Sites

Ok, now you’ve read up, studied and written your document.  I’m sure you are now scratching your head, wondering how to find the best possible document sharing site for your niche!

Document Sharing Sites:

Below, you will find some sites that I have looked into and have checked out their tools, user friendly format and overall content.  I have only scratched the surface of sites out there.  I always recommend that you do your own research also.  You might find one that I have not mentioned that will serve you needs better.

All my comments are only my “opinions” and not necessarily shared by all.  So, please check them out for yourself. You could totally disagree with me and that’s fine. It shows you are thinking!


There’s something for everyone—students and teachers, business professionals, companies and organizations, writers and artists. Millions of people contribute to the conversations happening on the site through comments (scribbles), ratings and other sharing features. They also read in whatever way they choose, including on Scribd.com, mobile devices, through downloads or even in print.

I like this site and feel it is very user friendly and worth your time.
I have heard they have changed some of their policies, so be sure and Read Those Terms!  I like this site very much.


I searched around this site and found many avenues for publishing needs.  It’s absolutely free to join and is stocked with some amazing tools for your use.  You can load up your PDF, Word or Power Point documents and within in seconds your document will become a page turning format!

You can upload photos, images, music, audio clips and create visual bookmarks to your favorite sites.

Your creative juices are unlimited! From Brochures, Newsletters, Magazines, Portfolios and catalogs. I recommend looking into Yudu.

Here are a few other links to document share sites that I think you should look into.




Creative Writing:



Share & Sell:



With any of these sites, please be sure and read their terms of service before using their systems.  Some focus on specific areas and types of books.


What is doxtop:

Doxtop is a virtual publishing house. You can write, manage and collaborate using your favorite applications and publish, distribute, discuss and market in any format for viewing.

You can publish practically any content quickly and it’s Free!  You can discuss, chat, rate, glog using Web 2.0. You can market your content to audiences that are looking for your miche. They offer built-in functions for SEO and support for Google sitemaps.


At myebook you can get your novels, comics, magazines up for Free! As I want to write, publish and sell a novel, this is a site that I will be digging into and utilizing their tools.

From the home page you will see a carousel of books that are current, the option to take a tour, browse the full myebook.com library and various features to the system.  Then you can build your own book using their myebook builder.

I believe you will find these sites very useful for your document sharing endeavors.  There are many other document sharing sites out there, so search around for sites that are strong in your niche.

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2 Responses to “Document Sharing Sites”

  1. stef says:

    I was familiar with Scribd and Google Docs but appreciate knowing about these other options. I’m going to try DocStoc and Gazhoo. They look promising.

  2. ellen says:

    Hi Stef, so glad I could help! I am becoming quite impressed with Doc. Sharing sites. If you run into new ones, please pass them on. I would love to discover new ones. Thanks!

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