3 Common Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a very powerful effective online business earning avenue. As Affiliate Marketing is relatively easy to join and pays commissions, more and more people are becoming attracted to this business opportunity.

However, like all business ventures, there are pitfalls that should be watched out for and avoided at all costs. Falling into these mistakes can cost the marketer large amounts of profits and have regretful endings.

Let’s take a look at these Common Mistakes…

Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Program/Product

Too often, new affiliate marketers will race into grabing products that they think will bring them a huge commission and doing little to no research on the product. Just because something is “hot” does not necessarily mean you can make a commission off it.

What if this product has already been grabbed by far too many marketers? What are the chances that you will be able to push this product? It’s already satiated the market. It just won’t happen!

What if the product sounds great but you have absolutely No Interest in the Product nor do you know anything about it, how it operates or what the benefits would be to own this? If a product is something that is technical in some way and you have no knowledge in the technicality – how are you going to sell it to others?

Pick a product that one – you are interested in and 2 – you have knowledge in! There are so many products available that you should not be jumping on the first thing you run into just because it has a high review!

Also, if you have a passion for a specific product, this will come through in your promoting it to readers!

Mistake #2: Joining Too Many Programs at Once

It is so easy to fall into this dilemma! Places like Clickbank are candy stores! Searching around you start seeing more and more products that you would love to promote! The problem is, how can you concentrate on 6,7,8 different products at once? You can’t! There is nothing wrong with having various products running at once and can be a good thing. However, trying to promote them all at once is spreading yourself very thin. Get one at a time set up, running, promoted and interested readers in purchasing. Getting one program at a time that has a 40% commission or better, giving it your best effort by promoting with great enthusiasm will bring you a better profit opportunity than trying to juggle too many at once.

Mistake #3: Not Buying or Using the Service

When promoting a product or a service, it is imperative that you are convincing that this product or service is worthwhile for your readers. You must be able to relay to your customers that this is a valuable, quality service or product.

Where possible, sign up for the product or service to try it first hand and see if this is a product or service that meets up to high quality and excellence.

If it is a product or service that it is just not feasible for you to join or purchase in the beginning, look for reviews from purchasers, talk to others that are involved with the programs or products for information.

And, above and beyond – this goes back to getting products and services that you personally have knowledge with! If you unable to buy into a certain product, if you have knowledge in this field, you will be able to do a great deal of research and be able to draw your own conclusions as to the validity of this service or product.

The bottom line as a new Affiliate Marketer is:

- Do Not Jump at the First Opportunity

- Do Not Grab Everything at Once

- Get the Product – Or have Knowledge in the Product

You first and foremost concern is in supplying your readers and your subscribers with Valuable, Quality products and or services!

To Your Success!

4 Responses to “3 Common Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Adrian says:

    I find that its best to use the products that you promote anyway, why bother trying to get sales, let alone writing about something without the proper knowledge and know-how. Great post. It was a pleasure speaking with you on skype today! briefly that is :P

  2. We couldn’t agree with you more Ellen! It’s so important to do your research first and know what you’re buying into, otherwise you won’t be able to market it yourself. Great post!

  3. ellen says:

    Thanks so much Adrian and you are so right. I don’t know why I’d want to promote a product I have absolutely no interest in. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. ellen says:

    Hi Brian and Felicia, Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate it so very much. Yep, you have got to do your homework and that includes research.

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