Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogging is a great way to attract readers to your blog and to your products.  To increase blog traffic is not difficult it just takes some simple steps and thoughts.

As you’ve heard before, creating quality rich posts using great keywords and phrases is a great way to increase your blog traffic.  When you know what you would like to write about, go to  Google Keyword Search to find the best words or phrases to use in your title, the body of your post and the end of your post.  Keep in mind when you are searching for keywords,  watch out for the competition.  If the competition is super high, chances are you will end up at the bottom of the heap.

I’ve said this so many times before and can not emphasize this enough. Optimizing your title for engine searches is also very effective.  You want to use phrases and words that people use when they are searching on the internet.  Think about it, if you were looking for your product or your article, what would you type in for a search? Using good phrases can increase your blog traffic in a big way.

Using RSS feed is a great way to get people coming back for updates because they have chosen to subscribe to read your RSS feed.  When you write a new post, your blog traffic will increase.  Almost all wordpress templates come with RSS, take advantage of it.

Having a list is important because you can keep your list updated on new products, newsletters with valuable information and some free items as well.  Using an auto responder will allow you to send emails to your list regarding your blog and what’s new.  You can set up an opt in form on your blog, inviting readers to join up for your newsletters and information on up and coming products.

Be creative and think of some other ways to promote and market your blog.  New ideas pop up all the time, so read everything you can about driving traffic.  There are many great ideas out there so read up and try some of the techniques being offered. It can be a lot of fun and not difficult to do.

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  1. All excellent advise on driving and increasing traffic to your blog Ellen! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. ellen says:

    Thank you so much for your thoughts, I appreciate it.

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