Using Ezine Articles to Your Advantage

As most folks know Ezine Articles is one of the leading places to post articles on a wide range of niches. Using Ezine Articles  to your advantage is not difficult and can be highly rewarding.

Some people think that you must be writing articles on marketing ventures, affiliate marketing, list building, etc. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Ezine is a wonderful platform for showing your expertise in any niche and bringing great traffic to your business.

You might have a website that works in conjuncture with your offline business. Your goal is to bring customers to your website for purchases or, if they are local, stop by your store. Ezine Articles is a great place to get your expertise out to the reading public thereby drawing folks to your business.

Let’s say you have a lighting store, the majority of your products are various lighting in the form of lamps, overhead lighting and/or outdoor lighting.You have a great deal of knowledge and experience regarding various lighting needs, effects that are needed, etc.

So, write an article about various types of lighting used throughout homes, backyards or different types of desk and floor lamps. In this article you can point out the differences in lamps and what might be the best choice for someone looking to do some interior decorating. Make sure you have your link to your website in the author’s box. They can go to your website or blog and read more on various lighting techniques.

Don’t short change yourself! You have knowledge, Ezine has a platform for you to give that knowledge to others. Understand, most people reading articles on Ezine Articles are looking for help! They are looking for valuable information that will assist them in so many different fields. Take your knowledge and give it to these readers, you might find some wonderful traffic forming at your door.

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    Really love all the posts you offer! I am so looking forward to seeing more like them…..

  2. Financial & Investment Management Advisors…

    I love this blog. Its great. Keep it up man….

  3. Great post and you are right about using Ezine Articles – there is so much info written and I have learned so much from reading them. I’m not much of a reader so reading books bore me – with articles I can finish it quick and still feel that I have accomplished something and learned something also

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