Cause and Effects – Failure or Success in Online Marketing:

Just What Are Things That Cause Failure in our Industry?

I, like many others, have tried to succeed in Marketing Online.  I, like you, have banged my head against walls trying to find out – What Am I Doing Wrong?

Sometimes it’s called being Misdirected:

If you’re starting off, new at the Marketing game, you look for assistance from others that “claim” they have all the answers.  Have you been there? I have! You sign up for their programs expecting to get Incredible Support only to be handed the ball and told run with it!  Run Where? What is Expected of Me? What should I be doing?  Never to receive an answer! Or given false, Misleading Direction.

You struggle along only to find out Google has kicked you out! The guy you signed up with has disappeared or is taking all the leads and leaving you with nothing!  Then, guess what! You still have no idea what you did wrong or what you did right and you’re right back where you started from – Looking for a way to Succeed in the Marketing World!

There are people like that out there.  Just get back up, brush yourself off and start all over again.  Learn from this experience and look a little more carefully at your next venture.  Do a little research and see if there are articles online from other members stating their experiences with this particular business.

Ok, that said, let’s look at a few other pitfalls that plague Newbies:

Greed! Wow! That’s a Really Huge occurrence on the Internet!

There are so many, many offers flooding the Internet, it’s overwhelming.!  You read an ad that offers you Training, Support and the Road to Incredible Success!  You sign up for a few and find out that for $25. a month, you have lined the pocket of the “So Called” “Guru” with Thousands and Thousands of Dollars and You Are Broke!  You never received any support, you never even spoke to this guy!  His Forum or Chat Room has Zero Members to talk to.  You email him asking for assistance and all you get back is a curt remark:  I’m too busy, I have to keep up with this business.  You need to talk to other members.  End of Email!  You are right back where you started from.: In that proverbial box.  You have failed!

How About Unrealistic Expectations?

Did you signup with a group of people thinking all you had to do was apply their magic money making scheme and you’d make money while you were sleeping?  Tsk! Tsk!  You Can Not Make Money by Doing Nothing!   You Will Not Make 60K in One Week Doing Nothing! You know that old saying: If it sounds too good to be true …..- You Got It ! It Doesn’t Work!

You can’t always point the finger at someone else.  Possibly you signed up with a very legitimate group, then discovered you actually have to work at it!  Well, Yes You Do!  Someone can hand you all the tools available, but if you Do Not apply them – You Can’t Win!

Any business, whether it’s brick and mortar or online takes work on your part.  You must have a plan, you must apply the plan and you must make that opportunity grow!  It will not happen overnight, but if you keep at it, listen to sound, proven advice – you will get there.  It’s like farming! You can’t plant a seed and never cultivate it, water it, care for it and expect your crop to grow.

Lies, Lies, Thy Name Is Deception:

Do you have an online store? Have you loaded it up with products that are throw outs from Wholesalers that need to unload these products because they Just Don’t Sell?

Have you then tried to pass these off on your customers as High Quality – Must Have Items, only to have them receive this junk and – Oh yes, they know – it’s junk!  How long do you think you will keep these customers?  Hey Guys and Gals – Heads Up!  They Are Going to Go Somewhere Else.  So much for your Customer List!  I have seen this, I have experienced this over and over again as a Customer!

I sell books online.  Some are New and some are Used.  The one thing I keep in mind is My Description on Each and Every Book!  Some of my New books are called Remainder Books.  What that means, these books came from bookstores that order far too many. They return them to the Publisher for “Credit” towards their next purchase.  The Publisher puts a small mark on the bottom of the book, assuring that these books will not show up again for a credit.

I explain this to my customers!  I let them know “these books Are New, In Great Shape – But they do have a mark on the bottom of the book!  Customers who have bought these books from me Know Exactly What They Are Getting!  I have never, had a complaint because I have been upfront with them.

Used books, I look at every angle of these books, I describe in great detail the “condition” of the books and I price them in accordance to their condition. I never ever sell a book that is falling apart, is torn up and just No Good!  Many Used Books are Still worth a purchase! They’re in Great Shape, Acceptable Shape, etc. and are priced on their condition.

I have bought books that the seller has told me “read once – excellent condition”; received the book and it’s a mess! Plus I paid way too much for that quality of book! Have I bought from them again? Heck No!

Be Honest with your Customers.  Respect them!  These are real people giving you real money for your product!  Show Them Respect! Don’t Lie!  This goes for tangible items, ebooks, business opportunities and on and on. Always Remember:

Do Unto Others As You Want To Be Treated!

These are few things that I truly know will either make or break you.  Take heed in whatever you are searching for.  If you keep your feet firmly on the ground, treat others as you want to be treated, know if something is too good to be true, you will be fine!  Follow your Gut! Stay Focused and Do The Right Thing.

I hope this will help you and also let you know, you are not alone.  You are not the only one who has fallen into these traps/pitfalls.

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I wish you the very best in Success! Have a Wonderful Day!

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  1. Mike Erwin says:

    Another great post Ellen! Love your content and anybody that is serious about learning the ins and outs of online success would do good in having you as a mentor.

  2. This is awesome blog – lot of material covered here and I agree with you on all the issues and everyone should read this before starting anything online – thanks for the info and look forward to your next one.

  3. Wow Ellen!….Great Blog!…You covered a great deal on why people fail in Internet Marketing…I have experienced a couple of the reasons you mentioned myself…I agree, The Leaders Role is a good starting place for honest helop & support….Great Post!

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