To Thine Own Self Be True

Have you ever been asked, What are Your Strongest Assets?

Boy! That Really Gets Close To Home – Huh?

Over the years, I have discovered that Looking Into Yourself is one of the hardest things a person can do!  This is because We Do Not See Ourselves as Others Do! We are Too Close to Ourselves!  We look in the mirror and see the person We Perceive Ourselves to be.  But just what do Others See?  What do they find to be our Strengths, our Weaknesses, our Challenges and our Soaring Qualities?

When I was acting, the most challenging roles, for me, where characters that were so very much like myself!  I just would toil and toil over them!  Now, give me an opposite and I was very strong in my characterizations and performances!

That said, I will now try and look inside myself for My Strongest Assets.  The first place I will go to, are  things that I just seem to “Glide” through -  Things that seem so natural to me.

When I was in College, I loved Public Speaking!  I would find a subject that I was very interested in or,  someone I looked up to; then I would put pen to paper!  Once I was at that podium, I found it so exhilarating to hand over this new-found knowledge – to sway others to see what I see!  To me, this was “Exhilarating” and it came so very naturally to me!  I am by nature “creative”, that side of my brain seems to click, click, click.  So, the arts, literature and imagination have always been my very strongest assets.

When I was a small child, I always asked “Why” someone did this or did that.  I studied people!  It’s not something I did or do,  consciencelessly, I just observe.  Does that mean I look at others negatively? Certainly  Not!  Many times if you can perceive someone else’s persona, you can see their Strengths!   The things They like Talking about, like Doing as well as things they prefer Not to Do – so Don’t Push!

I often wonder Why, with this insight,  I  Can’t See Myself the Same Way? Why can’t I Clearly Know My Weaknesses and My Positives?

I Am Too Close To Me!

So you ask – if I can’t see myself as others do – How can I improve myself? How can I tweak my Good Qualities that others see in me?  By Listening!  Listen to what others see in you!  Whether they’re  Positive or Negative – you need to record this information and take note!  Then you can improve yourself through these critiques!

If someone tells you, you draw so beautifully!  Wow! That feels really good! Should you just thank them and move on? No!  Go and Draw Something Else! See if you can draw something even better!  Keep Improving Those Qualities by Honing Your Skills! The Worst Thing You Can Do, is Believe You Are Perfect! You Do Not Have to Improve!

What if someone tells you something Not So Good! “Boy, Your Spelling is Atrocious!” “Your Sentences Ramble!”  Should you just close down your hearing, tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about?  No! Start Checking your Spelling – Get a Dictionary – Look up a New Word Every Day.  Make a List of Words you just Can’t Spell and Keep a List for Future Reference! Your Spelling and your Composition will improve! Bravo!

Knowing your Strong Points as well as your Weak Points will help you Grow from the inside out!

Take your Strong Points and help others along the way: help them to improve on those qualities that you are so very good at!

Take your Weak Points and Turn Them Into Strong Points!   There’s something you really Want to Learn How To Do, but you just are so weak in that field – Find Someone To Help You Out!  There are so many people out there that would love to help you! Learning something new Helps You Grow!

I love drawing!  Will I Become the Next Monet? Heck No!  Does that mean I should give it up? No – I Enjoy Drawing – Therefore I Should Continue to Draw!  We Should All Do Things We Enjoy. Whether it’s Perfect or Not…  It’s Good For The Soul!

Take Note of Your Strengths and Feel Blessed!

Take Your Strong Points, Improve on Them as you go along.

Take those Gifts of Yours and Share Them with Others – They Will Love to Learn from You.

Here’s To Your Success!

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8 Responses to “To Thine Own Self Be True”

  1. Well after reading this post, I would say that you have picked your greatest asset – I love reading your post and keep up the great work

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  2. Lynn Rios says:

    YOU GO GIRL! We can learn so much when we start by saying “I don’t know”! We truly thrive when we invite the wisdom of others into our lives. Great article…keep ‘em coming.

  3. Tammie Perry says:

    This is so powerful Ellen. It really makes you think about things and also helps you to set goals to make yourself better. Thank you so much.

    Be Blessed

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