Marketing The Vehicle To Greatness

The other day I was asked: Why I chose Marketing as a business venue? I’m not sure there’s a cut and dry answer for that. I do know that the Internet is such a vast pool of opportunities for anyone who wants to step outside the box and make more of their lives.

I am a very independent individual, marching to a different drummer. I have spent years working for Corporate America with nothing to show for it. Watching some corporations destroy employees lives, incomes and the opportunities for a fully deserved retirement. Work in America has Changed! Therefore, So Must We.

I truly believe, in order for me to grow and be more, I must do it for myself! Life goes around once and I want to make the very most of mine while I’m here! I want to dictate what I do and when I do it. Above all else, I want to be Proud of Me! I can not be all that I can be, under the thumb of someone else.

Marketing is such a wealth of resources as well as a place to meet and come to know others of the same mind set. Where else can I chat with someone in Sweden and someone else in Wisconsin at the same time! I have made so many wonderful friends around the world and feel like they are literally next door! From all walks of life, all different dreams and desires. Yet each and everyone rings a note of familiarity within me.

Marketing also offers a once in a life time opportunity to reach out and share my knowledge, my own special gifts and my experiences with others in order to help them in their quest for success!

There is a Wonderful Feeling of Freedom when you are out there making you own mark on this world. There’s a fullness inside when you realize the seeds you have planted are growing! This, My Friend, Is Greatness!

I believe Marketing can Financially and Spiritually bring one to a much higher place. Well, Ellen what do you mean by that? What I mean, is; Of course I want to make a living so I can step away from my J.O.B. and be my own boss. Yet, also – that growth is intertwined with helping others reach their goals! This Also Is Greatness!

When you reach out and help others, you get a reputation! A Reputation as someone that can be Relied on, Trusted and Looked up to! What do you think that would Do for You and Your Growth Financially? People will Listen to you! They will Except that you Do know What You are Doing and are the Kind of Person that is Willing to Share That Fountain of Knowledge with them! This is a Greatness You Can Not Buy!

There are Struggles, There are Disappointments and a Great Deal of Hard, Hard Work! But if You Have a Passion for this and a Desire to Excel – it’s Worth Every Step Along the Way!

There isn’t a set “Strategy” for living your life fully or for receiving joy inside yourself! Heck folks, It Comes From Within You! It’s Fun!! It’s Rewarding!! It’s Your New Found Life!!

As I said earlier, there are no Cookie-cut Plans to Follow. There are no Clear Patterns to Use. It is about What is Inside of Each and Everyone who has a Desire to be More!

Marketing Allows You to Reach Inside Yourselves – Find Your Passion – And Follow that Dream!

Will I become a Millionaire tomorrow? Heck No! But I Will have an Enormous Wealth of New-found Friends, New-found Ideas and One Day, Yes, I Will Walk Away From What I Don’t Need and Into the Arms of What I Do Need – A Successful – Independent Way of Life! My Own Business that will Sustain Me and Allow Me to Do What I Want; Every Single Day!

Follow Your Heart and Be Everything You Can Be!

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  1. I’m so proud of you – you have really come along way already since I first met you online – you are a quick learner and I know that the path you are on right now is going to get you the freedom that you are looking for. Keep up the great work.

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