How Can I Choose The Correct Autoresponder For My Needs?

I have been using Traffic Wave.net AutoResponder for a while now and thought I’d take a few moments to enlighten you on this amazing tool!

There are quite a few autoresponders out there.   I feel Traffic Wave is one of the  very best, hands down!

You might ask:  Isn’t an Autoresponder and Autoresponder no matter which one I chose? My answer is No! When you shop for a car do you believe all cars are alike? As long as they’ve got an engine and four wheels, they are all the same, right? Of course not! Well, the same can be said about an Autoresponder!

Let’s start with discussing your business and your needs to make that business grow.

As a small business owner, you are trying to promote your business, both online and offline. Whether it is a product, a service or an affiliate program. In the process of promoting your business, you will face many challenges in generating significant traffic to your site, restaurant, brick a mortar store, etc. Let’s look at some of the challenges you face:

The Expense:

There are many advertising systems out there but they can be very expensive and when money is tight and when you’re starting off, the last thing you need to do is spend a great deal cash. Traffic Wave will not take your life savings!

Your Time:

Starting a new business, program or moving your brick and mortar business onto the Internet can take days, weeks and even months to see any results! That is just too long! Traffic Wave will bring you Quality Traffic Quickly!

How about Too Complicated or Outdated:

How much time do you think you have to learn new software, or discover it doesn’t work well on your computer’s system? Worst yet – it just doesn’t work!

Then you run into an Internet Guru offering an eBook that will solve all your problems – accept for one thing – you download it only to discover it’s outdated and worthless!

This same Guru is offering you inside information to the fast track! Unfortunately, he left out one fact, you could be doing something that could get you in a great deal of trouble! Google just dropped you like a sack of potatoes!  You’ve given yourself a bad name! Yikes!  Let alone, the time and effort you have just wasted!

There are No Smoke and Mirrors at Traffic Wave!

Here are the facts: Almost every online business will fail! They do not have anyone visiting their websites! The internet has become so vast, that unless you spend tens of thousands of dollars in advertising – no one is going to find you! With the economy in the mess it’s in, no one is shopping! No one knows your shop has incredible economic offers!

Quite simply put – No Traffic – No Sales!

Now let’s talk about Traffic Wave and what Traffic Wave Can Do For You!

Let’s say you have 300 Clients, Prospects or Customers. You have an event coming up that you would like these people to be aware of and take advantage of. How are you going to contact them? Are you going to spend countless hours emailing each individual? Are you going to spend money to have flyers made and then go from mailbox to mailbox dropping them off? Or, are you going to set up an account with Traffic Wave, get your letters uploaded into your campaign and let Traffic Wave send them out to all your 300 people! Are You Going to Successfully Connect To Your Customers!

So you say, All autorsponders do that – why should I go with Traffic Wave?

How About Cost?

What if your list of potential customers grows to 500 or more? Are you willing to start paying your Autoresponder more for your hard work? Yes, there are other Autoresponders out there that are just as dependable as Traffic Wave, but at a Cost! As your list grows – so do their charges. Traffic Wave is $17.95 whether you have 50 prospects or 500 or more prospects. No Hidden Charges, No Increases from Your Hard Work!

How About Dependability?

What if your letters Don’t Go Out When You Expected Them To? What if that delay Costs You Sales because your Clientele Did Not Receive Your Information In Time?

There are Autoresponders that offer you little to nothing in monthly charges – but – How Dependable Are They? Are you going to end up holding an empty bag of promises that just never materialized? That $5.00 a month might just Cost you Hundreds of Dollars in Potential Sales!

I can show you how to setup your campaign – upload your letters and start seeing results. You’re not good at writing letters? Ok, Traffic Wave Has Letters that you can tweak, revised and edit to fit your needs. Want further help? I will help you set up your campaign and letters!

Whatever your business needs are, Traffic Wave will make it happen! Once you join up, there are so many Tools, Articles and Videos to get you on the Track to Success! All of this for only $17.95 a month! Traffic Wave will always be there! They Are So Professional You Will Be Amazed at the Results!

Once you sign up you’re not just left on your own! You will have Excellent Support and a Team of Traffic Wave Pros to help you every step of the way! If you have a question that I can’t answer, you can believe I will get that answer for you, Quickly!

You truly have nothing to lose! Join Up! You have 30 Days to Kick the Tires and see what is available for you. You Will Not Be Disappointed!

Here’s To Your Success!


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