The Best Kept Secret on the Internet is Here!

Like everyone else, I have tried so many different program opportunities that left me  dizzy!  Promises that could not be delivered, scams, get rich quick schemes, etc.  You know what I mean.  When all I’ve been looking for is a place where people truly do work together!  A program that helps each other out and delivers tools that will help me grow in the right direction.

A really good friend of mine showed me a marketing program that just about knocked me out!  It’s called Global NPN, which stands for The New Plan Network – Your “HOME” program.

What exactly is NPN?

Geoff Stephen (Founder of NPN) launched NPN in April, 2005 and has provided online marketers with the most complete suite of tools and systems on line. This is one of the most established and stable Long-Term online businesses opportunities in existence.

NPN is an In-House Program for Marketers. It is their goal to make NPN every Marketer’s Home Program.  Whether you are a New Marketer or a Seasoned Veteran! This should get your attention!  They offer so many marketing tools that are Must-Haves” to be successful with your marketing needs. Here are some of the products and promotional systems you receive with your subscription:

Domain Hosting
Capture Page Creator
Full Ad Tracker System
URL Rotator
Browser Toolbar
Referral Distribution System
Downline Mailer
Training Videos
& So Much More!

I would have to extend this article for pages on end to cover all the incredible benefits that are available for your use at NPN.  Click here on the Online Product Suite to research each product.  You will be Amazed!

NPN Does NOT Just “Remain As Is”. NPN is continually upgrading, updating and improving their programs and tools.  They listen to their members for needed tools and programs. And, if it’s in demand, they will build it!  Nothing here is stale, out of date or useless. Hands Down, I have never seen anything like this!

For all these tools and programs, your cost is only $10.75!  This is a very low cost for all the benefits and products you will receive.  Separately, this would cost you a great deal of money; let alone the upgrades you’d have to keep up with. NPN does it for you!

A Simple, Easy Way to Affiliation:

As an affiliate, bring in just Two Referrals and you are Breaking Even! The fact is that with very little effort over a period of time, you can make more money than you ever thought possible!

This is Only the Tip of the Iceberg.

How would you like to join a skype group of excellent marketers that are here to help you every step of the way?  Ask Questions, Get Answers.  Join in on chats to learn valuable tips for building your own downline. How about a  Referral Distribution System? Thus allowing everyone to build their downline in a one-under-one fashion. This provides your weaker downlines with referrals and therefore building a stronger team!

I personally invite you to contact me on skype: ellen_thorp

With No Obligation on your part -I will bring you into the room to see for yourself.  Talk with folks, get a feel of what we are about!  I honestly believe that you will see what I am talking about and see the incredible potential of belonging to this amazing system!

Email: ethorp4@gmail.com

I Welcome you to email me at any time.  I will get back to you, quickly, with any of your questions or concerns.

For now, go ahead a click on this link – NPN Information Take the Tour.  Read up on tools, programs and amazing opportunities for you and your life.  Then contact me! I am here to show you a better way to improve your life.

Here’s to your success,


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  1. This is an excellent post Ellen and you sure have captured the benefits of the great program. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  2. Kevan says:

    Hi there Ellen,
    Well this for sure is full of all the information that could be wanted.
    Well done there. I wish you all the very best.

    Kevan Brock
    Skype: kevanbrock

  3. Craig Caron says:

    Hey Ellen. What an excellent post. Very sincere and i agree with everything you said about NPN and the skype group.

    I can feel your sincerity in your writing and i am not just saying this because i am an NPN member.


  4. Susie Moore says:

    excellent post Ellen. I agree 100% there has never been a program out there that offers so much in training and in tools that we have.

    Susie Moore
    skype; smsforce

  5. ronstone says:

    WOW Ellen very nice blog let alone the npn you captured it just like it is. thumbs up

  6. Carol McCrow says:

    Hi Ellen, What an awesome post! I’ve read many reviews and other posts about NPN and I must say yours is very impressive and says it all….

  7. Just waking up from a ggod night sleep and with my coffee in the hand I read an exellent post of GLOBAL NPN. /Anette

  8. Tammie Perry says:

    I have to agree with everyone elses comments, Ellen. Great post and great review. Wonderful information.

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