Passion Is The Key To Your Success!

What Passion?

Passion is a feeling – a very powerful feeling.  This is a feeling that stirs from deep inside us, draws us towards light.  Passion is a guide leading us through Jungles of Businesss Ventures, Rivers of Career Opportunities. Passion will never steer us in the wrong direction.

When I listen to someone of great prominence speak about their life and successes one theme is constantly reverberated over and over. Their success has always been guided by “Passion”!

I am a huge follower of Egyptology.  I inhale articles, documentaries on the History Channel and Discovery Channel.  One gentleman who stands out in these documentaries is Jahi HawassDr. Hawass is an Egyptian archaeologist, an Egyptologist and the Vice Minister of Culture in Egypt. He has worked at archaeological sites in the Nile Delta, the Western Desert, and the Upper Nile Valley.

“In 2002 he was appointed Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities. In 2009, when President Barack Obama was in Cairo, Hawass gave him personal tours of the sights of ancient Egypt. At the end of 2009, Dr. Hawass was promoted personally by President Hosni Mubarak to the post of Vice Minister of Culture.”

No one digs, moves, excavates any site, tomb or ground in Egypt without his approval.  The head of a film crew asked him why, at his age, he still climbs into these truly unsafe caves, works tirelessly in the the overwhelming heat of the desert every single day.  He said “It is my Passion”.

If you do not have a passion for something you are doing, you will become disenchanted, bored and eventually give up.  When you find your passion, you will work tirelessly; you will stay focused – you will grow.  Everyone of us have something deep inside that we love more than anything else.  Now, in some cases opportunities passed us by because we were young and green.  Possibly we are unable to pursue that avenue again.  That’s fine, there are still talents within us that follow that same passion!

Let me explain:

I have a friend who played Football in College and made it to the New Orleans Saints.  Kevin spent most of his career sitting on the bench.  Realizing he would never be one of the leading players, he chose to retire and move on.  He started his own business.  His business still deals with “sports”.  You see, Football is simply a fragment of something bigger – Sports.  His passion did not die and he’s very successful.

Whatever path you choose to take, always follow your passion.  You will be rewarded.  Take your time looking into business ventures and opportunities.  Ask yourself:  is there something in this that I know I can do and truly want to do?  If the answer is Yes – Go For It!

“What is important to me is that I have the great good fortune to spend my days doing something I love, and being given the opportunity to make a difference in the world.” – Zahi Hawass

Dr Hawass’ Official Site

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5 Responses to “Passion Is The Key To Your Success!”

  1. Kevan says:

    Hi there yes that is for me true as well.
    I have always got on better where I have been able to help others as well. So I think that is what I must do.
    Help others as and when I can, and how ever I can.

    Great post my friend. Keep up the good work…

  2. Tammie Perry says:

    Very informative post here Ellen. I agree totally. Passion is what will lead you into success and keep you on the right track. My Passion is helping others, just like Kevan. Until I realized that I was just going round and round in my business. Everyone should read this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Beth says:

    Wow that is a Great post,

  4. ellen says:

    I couldn’t agree more Tammie. I also feel I have found my passion. My passion is writing! I can’t explain why, I just love putting my thoughts down and sharing them.

  5. ellen says:

    It does come from the heart and from passion. Thank you so much!

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