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I have spent a great deal of time and money going from one promise of support and training to another promise of support and training.  In everyone of these cases, I had to put down money, and in some cases a great deal of money, then got nothing in return!  I would email asking for help only to get a response from the owner of these ventures “go to the forum and ask other members, I’m too busy running the site.”  I would then go to the forum and guess what? No One Was There – Ever!! I’ll bet you’ve been down this road also.

I had just about given up on finding anything where people were truly there to help you learn and grow. To guide you in the right direction. To give you a helping hand.

Just over a month ago, a friend of mine and I ran into this incredible man, Craig Caron. Craig has been involved with Online Marketing successfully for 4 years.  His knowledge of Online Marketing has opened my eyes like no one ever has. His articles and businesses show in very high ratings with Google. He knows what he is talking about, he know what he is doing.

We now have a new group of people who have joined together, and started the very best Online Leadership Training group, We Are  “Family Networker“!  We all own this business, not just one individual.  We all work together helping each other out every single day.  Some members are stronger in certain areas then others; these members don’t think twice about helping members that need help and need to learn their skills.

It only gets better! All the training, videos, one-on-one help, webinars, mentoring and coaching is Absolutely, Unconditionally FREE! That’s Right – No one has paid One Penny for this incredible knowledge. Plus, we have an amazing Skype Room where we share ideas, ask questions and get answers.

If you have your own business, but just are not getting anywhere, we will show you how you should be working your business to bring in prospects and customers.   If you are looking for a business opportunity we can help guide you to a perfect fit!  What do I mean by that?  Each of us have certain skills, certain passions that make the difference between failing and succeeding.  We have Mentors and Coaches that will watch you grow and see where your true strengths are and where you should be concentrating to make a successful business of your own!  Learn Online Leadership Skills the right way!

If you are like I was, running from one bad experience to another – you must join us at Family Networker!  You will learn so much and never be left out in the cold again.

Click on this link -  Family Networker - see for yourself.  You have absolutely nothing to loose and absolutely everything to gain, I promise you!

I will put my money where my mouth is, Skype me: ellen_thorp and I will bring you into the Family Networker room.  Check us out, talk to folks and see if this isn’t the best opportunity you have ever come into.

To Your Success,

Skype: ellen_thorp

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  1. WOW, Ellen you sure have a way of writing and giving things a much clearer picture and you have certainly described Family Networker to the tee – thanks

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  2. Wolf Boyce says:

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  3. Tammie Perry says:

    Thank you for this truthful post Ellen. I am also part of this wonderful Family and I agree with everthing you have said here. I could not have been said any better. Thank you so much.

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  5. ellen says:

    Thank you much, I appreciate your comments.

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