The Leaders Role – Empowering The Leaders of Business

Kris Hanks, Mike Erwin and Jason Croxford are three amazing men that want to share their Years of Experience with Others to Help them Become All That They Can Be!

I have learned in a very short period of time what True Leadership Is About!  It’s Not about jumping from One Golden Opportunity to the next.  Supporting Someone Else’s Dream!  It’s about Your Passion! What Drives You!

Do you Honestly Believe that you can hook up with a program that tells you, Do Nothing And Make $10K a Month?  Really! I Don’t.  Success Takes Work! It Takes Dedication! It Takes Passion!  It also Takes Focus!

So you say, Focus? Well I Focus on Every Opportunity I Join Up With, But It Goes No Where!  Well, that’s where you are Losing Focus!  You can’t Jump from Opportunity to Opportunity and be Focused.  Focusing is Making a Plan and Sticking To It!

What Do You Want To Do? What Is Your Passion?

Do you like Writing? Creating artwork? Mentoring others? Are You into Your Health – Working Out, Eating Well?  Whatever You Love Doing is a Passion!

I Love Writing and Creating Graphics. My Creative side is the Strongest side of my brain!  I don’t Toil over it, it’s a Natural for me!  That doesn’t mean I don’t work hard at it!  Of course I do.  Every Splash Page I create, Every Article I write takes Time and Thought.  I have to stretch my brain to get that design where I want it to be! I have to search my brain to get the words I want in order to write a good article.  Am I always pleased with the outcome? Of course not!  There are times I am very pleased  – there are other times  I might just put something on the back burner because it’s just not working out.  But Here’s the Key – I Love Doing It!

The Leaders Role is here to Teach You, Guide You to be a Successful Leader in your own right.

Would you like to hook up with these guys? I know you do!  Here’s the Real Kicker – It Will Cost You Nothing!  I Mean Nothing! Put Your Wallets Away and Keep Them Put Away!  That’s Right! It Will Cost You Nothing To Learn How To Grow Within Yourself!
 Take a Look at this  News Release!  You Will Be Blown Away!

The Leaders Role News Release

I am Not trying to Sell you Anything.  I am trying to Give You Food For Thought. That’s All.  If this News Release Excites You, and it should.  You might consider signing up and be a  Member of the 3% Club!

Come Join Us!

Again – It’s Free, Free, Free. And I Promise, these guys will bring you out of that tunnel you are in and show you the Light of Day!

Here’s To Your Success!

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3 Responses to “The Leaders Role – Empowering The Leaders of Business”

  1. WOWWW this is awesome – You sure do have a passion for the and it shows – keep up the great work

  2. Mike Erwin says:

    Great post Ellen, I’m so glad that we are able to work with people like yourself that have that desire and vision to make a difference, not only in your results but as well as helping others change their current situation. As always continued success,

  3. Lynn Rios says:

    Ellen, I am so glad to have found The Leaders Role and to have been accepted for the upcoming class. I like you am strongest in the creative areas and now I feel my creative side will finally be set free to do what I love to do!

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