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Researching Business Opportunities is Critical!

There are so many business opportunities on the internet today, that it can be dauntless finding what will work for you. Let alone what is legitimate and what is not.

You already know about the “If It’s Too Good to be True…”. Not everything is that cut and dry though. You still can find great opportunities as well as scams.

To start with, you need to sit down and figure out “what kind” of business opportunity are you looking for! Do you want to sell products, build a downline in a particular business, do article writing? Where are your strong points? What “sort” of business do you feel you would excel in.

Once you have narrowed it down to areas that you feel are a perfect match for you, start looking around for what’s out there! You will find something that peaks your interest. We’ll call this business interest  “My Business Project”. You’ve read up on what is offered on their website, you’ve read testimonials and you pretty much feel this is a good opportunity for you!

Don’t stop at that! Take the name of this business – “My Business Project” and do a Google search. Put in your search as, “My Business Project Reviews”. You might have to try a few times, rewording your search, etc., but you’ll find what you’re looking for. People like to speak out! Whether they are praising an opportunity or have very bad experiences, they want that information out there for others to jump on or beware!

If you find reviews and the majority are praising this opportunity – then it’s probably a good business. If the majority of reviews are negative – I’d say start looking around for something else. Sometimes, people will leave their contact information along with their comments, don’t be afraid to contact them and ask questions, whether it’s from a positive or negative review. Then draw your own conclusions.

Once you have found the opportunity that you are becoming more and more interested in, move on to the next step.

How much will it cost you to join this business? Do you have the funds to afford it? Is it something  you can join for Free for a number of days/a month before committing to it?   If that’s the case, Great! You can go in and kick the tires, see what products and/or tools are being offered for your success. This will give you  a good idea as to whether this is something you want to commit to.

An extra plus would be if they have a forum, skype group or other form of communicating with other members. Always introduce yourself, ask questions and see if they are receptive to you. You really don’t want to get into something where no one wants to talk to you, let alone help you out!

I have followed up on many opportunities – it took me a while to find what works for me!  Don’t be in a rush! If they are legitimate, they’ll be there when you are ready to commit. I came to Global NPN, because of all the positive comments and support that came from other members; as well as the amazing tools and products that Geoff  offers! The longevity of this business was another selling point!

None of this happened overnight.  Nothing worthwhile is going to fall in your lap overnight! Be Smart, Take Everything into consideration – this will have an effect on your success down the road.

I hope this has helped you in searching for your business ventures.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to skype me or email me! I’d love to hear from you – am here to help!

Have a Successful, Wonderful Day!

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4 Responses to “Home Based Business Research”

  1. As always – wonderful post and so full of info and glad that you explained to people how to do their homework on a program – the one thing that I will add is use the word scam in your search BUT read what others are saying – what I have seen is that people write reviews on companies and use scam in their keywords to get a high ranking – so read, read, read first then make your decisions.
    Skype: nancyradlinger

  2. ellen says:

    You’re so right! Whatever anyone is looking for, you must read everything you can and research everything you can to be sure you are picking the right opportunity for you. Thanks for your comments!

  3. Tammie Perry says:

    I am always so impressed when I read your posts. So caring and so full of information for everybody. I wish I had known you or read this when I first started. It sure would have saved me a whole lot of trouble. Thank you, Ellen, for sharing. Great work.

  4. ellen says:

    Thank you so much Tammie, I appreciate your comments.

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