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AutoResponders: The Offline Business

In this Constant Changing Economical Market times are tough.  Businesses are suffering from the lack of traffic, sales, and customers in general. Businesses are struggling to stay afloat! So how can an AutoResponder help with Offline Businesses? If you want those customers to keep coming back – You Need to Communicate with Them.  Stay in [...]


AutoResponders: The Valuable Business Tool

There are many Opinions and Views on The Value of a Good AutoResponder. Whether your “Value” lies in the Price attached to the service,  or how Effective and Reliable this service is! As a Business Owner and Online Marketer, keeping my Customers up on the newest information or offers is of the Utmost Importance to [...]


Marketing The Vehicle To Greatness

The other day I was asked: Why I chose Marketing as a business venue? I’m not sure there’s a cut and dry answer for that. I do know that the Internet is such a vast pool of opportunities for anyone who wants to step outside the box and make more of their lives. I am [...]


To Thine Own Self Be True

Have you ever been asked, What are Your Strongest Assets? Boy! That Really Gets Close To Home – Huh? Over the years, I have discovered that Looking Into Yourself is one of the hardest things a person can do!  This is because We Do Not See Ourselves as Others Do! We are Too Close to [...]