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Document Sharing: Getting Anchor Text

Here is a short post that will address Anchor Text and Backlinking Anchor Text. Adding Your Anchor Text: There are Article sites that can leave you feeling very frustrated!  You can’t add links within the content of the article or add Anchors anywhere within the documents. They  may only be added in the Author’s box! [...]


Document Sharing: Tips to Attract Search Engines

In an earlier posting, we talked about what Document Sharing Sites are, Optimizing your document and adding a description.  This posting we’ll go over getting a great title, great search engine content and loading your documents. The Title is Crucial! Make sure the keyword or phrase you want ranked is included in your title.   Place [...]


Master A Few Internet Promotion And Website Traffic Strategies

Here several website marketing strategies and website traffic strategoes to grow your online business. Learn them, practice them, and profit from them as I have. Traffic Exchanges-Traffic exchanges shouldn’t be used if you are marketing your own web site, as they may have a detrimental effect on search site results. If you promote using affiliate [...]


Document File Sharing

Document Sharing Sites What Are Document Sharing Sites? Document Sharing Sites are places for you to upload your documents and share them with the entire world!  Whether you are an Artist or an Online Marketer. You Need Exposure for your products or your services. These sites are active communities with members who regularly search for [...]


Good Dog Treats -Gourmet Dog Treats Business Opportunity

What if you could tap into a business opportunity that, worldwide, made over than 14 Billion Dollars in last year! The Pet Market is one of the very few markets that has Not suffered from the bad economy!  Pet owners are smarter and demanding more for their pets than ever before.  Their trust and respect [...]