Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogging is a great way to attract readers to your blog and to your products.  To increase blog traffic is not difficult it just takes some simple steps and thoughts.

As you’ve heard before, creating quality rich posts using great keywords and phrases is a great way to increase your blog traffic.  When you know what you would like to write about, go to  Google Keyword Search to find the best words or phrases to use in your title, the body of your post and the end of your post.  Keep in mind when you are searching for keywords,  watch out for the competition.  If the competition is super high, chances are you will end up at the bottom of the heap.

I’ve said this so many times before and can not emphasize this enough. Optimizing your title for engine searches is also very effective.  You want to use phrases and words that people use when they are searching on the internet.  Think about it, if you were looking for your product or your article, what would you type in for a search? Using good phrases can increase your blog traffic in a big way.

Using RSS feed is a great way to get people coming back for updates because they have chosen to subscribe to read your RSS feed.  When you write a new post, your blog traffic will increase.  Almost all wordpress templates come with RSS, take advantage of it.

Having a list is important because you can keep your list updated on new products, newsletters with valuable information and some free items as well.  Using an auto responder will allow you to send emails to your list regarding your blog and what’s new.  You can set up an opt in form on your blog, inviting readers to join up for your newsletters and information on up and coming products.

Be creative and think of some other ways to promote and market your blog.  New ideas pop up all the time, so read everything you can about driving traffic.  There are many great ideas out there so read up and try some of the techniques being offered. It can be a lot of fun and not difficult to do.



How to Harness the Power of Blogging to Increase Ranking

Harnessing the power of blogging  to increase your ranking takes a few crucial steps that are not difficult at all.

The title of your blog and your url must be right.  Your url must be search engine friendly.  Short, concise and to the point.  It is important to name your blog url in relation to your online business niche.  Going to GoDaddy and searching for a good domain name can be frustrating because you will run into names that are already taken.  Don’t give up, just keep thinking of various names, phrases (though very short) that are related to your business.  Do not use a name that has absolutely nothing to do with what you are selling.  You’ll end up with visitors looking for something “other” than what you are doing.

Again, and I can’t stress enough, blog everyday.  Blogs attract large volumes of traffic and can bring in great results to your business.  When you write a posting be sure you add keywords into your post before putting it out there.  Almost all blog templates have this ability.  After you type up your blog and it’s ready to roll, scroll down and on the right side you will see an area where  you can put in keywords related to your post.  You do not need a lot of phrases or words, just choose a few that are directly related to your post.

Keywords are quite simply, words that people use while searching on the internet.  Keywords do Not have to be single words! Choose a phrase that you would use if you were looking for your niche.

Tagging your content:

If you want high visibility and exposure, tag your content.  Most blog scripts come with pre-installed plug ins that will help you accomplish this.  Go into your dashboard and see what your plug ins are.  You can download plugs, thereby adding some very powerful stuff.  All In One SEO is an excellent plugin.

Again, submit your blog to other directories and niche directories.

To Your Success!



6 Easier Ways to Blog

Some bloggers find it easy to write posts to their blogs while others struggle.  Here are some suggestions that might just help you over that hump.

As you are aware, blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your site(s) and show that you are knowledgeable in your chosen niche?  This article offers 6 ways to blog easily and eliminate the stress.

Write Your Content In Advance:

We all have times that we can just write and write and other times not one blessed thought will come into our head.  When you are in a writing frame of mind, write a great deal of content that can be posted over a number of days.  Once you have all your content, you have everything edited and ready to post – you can post one a day.  It’s all fresh, new content but you are not struggling on a daily basis.

Stretch Your Range of Information:

Whatever your niche is, there are always subjects that are in line to your immediate niche.  By researching and collecting valuable information regarding subjects that are within your niche you will be giving more interesting information for your readers.  This will also show that you have a broad knowledge in your niche.

Comments Are Key:

Allowing visitors to leave comments on your blog is a great way to get good content to your site.  The more interaction you get, the more content is on your blog.  Look for blogs that offer similar information as your blog and leave comments.  You will get a backlink and bring people to your blog to leave comments as well.

People Always Have Questions:

Do some research and look for questions regarding your niche.  If you are able to leave an answer on the site where the question as been asked – do it!  Also leave a link to your blog if allowed to.  This will bring more visitors to your site.  You will also show readers that you are knowledgeable in the area they have questions.  Be sure your answer is quality and something that will help the reader out.

Use PLRs and Post Them:

Grab some PLRs and break them up into post size articles.  Be sure and make sure your content is unique and informative, otherwise you run the risk of duplication.  I like PLRs, but I like to get the general idea and write in my own words.  We all have a specific style that is ours alone – so use it.

Writing is a Nightmare:

Not everyone can write – period.  If you struggle and feel you are not able to get your thoughts across, either find someone who can help you.  A freelance writer is not difficult to find and you can get some really great writers on places like fiverr.com  Where writers offer their services for, usually 500 words or less for 5 bucks.  Not bad!

Another avenue would be to purchase a writing software that will help you edit, give you choices of words to use and keep you away from duplication by suggesting other words or phrases.

These are just a few things for you to think about while building your blog!

To Your Success!



Driving Traffic Using PLR

As we’ve all learned over time, blogging requires writing a lot of content on a regular basis.  If you don’t have someone to assist you in writing articles then you are spending a great deal of time writing posts. In turn, this leaves you little to no time for anything else.

Enter PLR – Private Label Rights

PLR articles have become so “in-demand” these days and can be a wonderful asset for helping you keep powerful content for your blog.

Here are some quick and easy steps for using PLR articles:

Purchasing PLR articles and customizing them to post on your blog is an excellent avenue.  Find PLR articles with content that relates to your particular niche.  Take these articles and break them down into smaller, customized articles for posting.  Rewording, using some of your own thoughts and expertise will make these articles unique to you.

Keep in mind that in order for search engines to index your blog and drive traffic, you do need to incorporate unique information within your posts.  Keep your articles relatively short (300 – 500 words) and concise.  After you have customized and tweaked your PLR, post it!

Another great avenue is to purchase PLR articles or ebooks and create your own ebook from this information.  Take these PLRs and tear them apart to make your own ebook that is unique and loaded with valuable content.  This might seem overwhelming but it’s not.  Go through the original article and find paragraphs that you can easily turn around in your own words and or knowledge.  If you have to, go paragraph by paragraph.

These articles will give you great inspiration for putting your ebook together and you’d be surprised how quickly this will starting flowing and you’ll have your ebook in no time at all.

Once your ebook is done, offer it on your blog as a free, no cost book for your readers.  This will add valuable, helpful content to your blog and generate visitors bookmarking your site!  Using PLRs is a much easier way of creating your own ebooks and/or reports that trying to write them from scratch.  Writing from scratch can be expensive and time consuming.

Taking PLR content and creating special reports to post on your blog is another great way to drive visitors to your site.  These special reports should cover products your are selling or affiliate products that you are promoting.  By including the link to your blog within these reports will drive traffic to your products.

Here’s a Great Tip!

Look around for invitations to JV Giveways.  Starting off, this is a great resource forgetting PLRs for free! Many top marketers place their PLRs on Giveways to build their downlines.  You can pickup wonderful material.  Once you are comfortable with your ebook or report – keep these giveaways in mind to contribute your books and build a downline!


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Promote Your Products with Article Marketing

Promoting Your Products and Your Website

Promoting your Products and Website is actually quite easy to do and will cost you absolutely nothing.

How can I do this?

Writing articles is one of the easiest, traffic generating ways to accomplish this.  Writing articles related to your website and submitting these articles on various sites that are setup for people to post their articles for free, will drive readers to your website.

Writing articles that contain links to your website and making sure your article is “Quality” material will have readers willing to click on your links for further information and for products your are promoting.  By writing quality content articles can increase traffic to your site, increase your sales and your income.

How can article writing increase traffic and sales?

By posting your articles on free content sites, you are also making your articles assessable for others to publish on their sites!  When this is done, you will get a whole new group of people that will click and visit your site , plus you will get a  link back to your site (back link).

Another great way to get back links is to visit blogs that have the same niche as yours.  Read up on these various blog postings, leave comments and this will get you a back link to your site or blog.

With the more articles you have out there and are also showing on other sites, will increase your traffic, increase your back links and get noticed by major search engines.  Search engines, such as Google, place significant emphasis on incoming links to sites, whereby they can determine the importance of those sites.

The more incoming links you have coming into your site, the more importance search engines will place on your site.  This in turn, places your site higher in search engine searches by potential visitors/customers. Even if your visitors are not in the market to purchase right now, does not mean they won’t grab something you offer in the future.

With this said, start getting to “know” your product and write articles.  Post these on your site as well as free content sites.  Find blogs that are also in the same niche, post comments and get a back link to your site.

I will be back with more great information on Article Marketing to help you on your way to a successful future in Affiliate Marketing